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For public transport and vehicles in the construction, mining and port industries.

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Thinking of switching to electric vehicles and making the transition to a cleaner, more sustainable form of energy to supply your fleet? An effective charging infrastructure forms the backbone of a successful switch to e-mobility. Heliox has been addressing this key factor since 2009 for electric buses and construction and port equipment. We work closely with you to find the ideal design for your strategy.

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Powering e-buses and electric vehicles

Whatever the industry in which you work and whether you have a single vehicle or a fleet of a hundred, availability is crucial. Our integrated charging technologies and full-service approach will keep your electric vehicles running smoothly and efficiently.

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Charged buses
Cleaner cities

“We’re excited to be the first users in the Southern Hemisphere of fast charge technology. Heliox have been professional partner to date, their experience and proven robust charging infrastructure was a key factor in our decision-making process. The charging stations are very discreet and will be placed strategically on our routes for greater range around Wellington. We’re delighted that Wellington are investigating into New Zealand’s first fully-electric bus fleet.”

Keven Snelgrove Transport and Operations Director for Tranzit Group


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We are excited about what we do and would love to share our passion for clean
energy, but what are your ideas? Feel free to start a conversation.


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