Cutting-edge charging solutions

For public transport and vehicles in the construction, mining and port industries.

Smart-charging for large fleets

Looking for a e-bus fast charging infrastructure partner that can work with any possible charging interface? Who understands the challenges of charging large fleets? Our extensive turnkey projects have been implemented worldwide  and have proven interoperability with leading Bus OEM’s. Since Heliox founding in 2009, we believe in creating a sustainable world for future generations.

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Smart energy management

Our expertise goes beyond the delivery of chargers and installing largescale infrastructures. Our latest invention SprintCharge ® proofs that we look into the future of smart energy management. Keeping a keen eye on market and technological developments means we continue to innovate.

Heliox. Taking your business the extra mile.

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"The good news, we notice together with Volvo, that the energy consumption is lower than expected, and the state of charge of the battery is still quite high after having driven one line. This means that the fast charge is much shorter and only lasts 2-3 minutes with the 300kW charger from Heliox.”

Georges Hilbert Technical Director at Sales Lentz