for greener, cleaner transport systems

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for greener, cleaner transport systems

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 for greener, cleaner transport systems

Complete solutions for all your charging infrastructure challenges

Our expertise goes beyond the delivery of chargers and installing infrastructures. We cover smart charging solutions for all sorts of greener transport systems, in ports, bus depots, distribution centers or marine public transport points - from small to large fleets.

Because no one knows your fleet and your depot better than you, we’ll work with you to understand specific needs and inventorie fleet characteristics before specifying your requirements. Our integrated way of working assures optimal project ownership at every stage of the process.

Find out about the products and services we can offer.

Our products and services

Leading product innovation

When Heliox implemented the world’s largest bus opportunity and depot charging network at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport in 2018, it sparked a new approach to charging large e-bus fleets. Since then, we’ve become a leader in fast-charging solutions for e-buses and we’re a pioneer in dynamic charging; enabling an easy switch from one to two buses for simultaneous charging.

 But, we do more than this. We also serve the marine, port and heavy-duty transport sectors. While keeping a keen eye on market and technological developments, we continue to innovate – ensuring futureproof solutions for your business and your customers.

Latest Heliox news

V1G to V2G

V1G - also called Smart Charging - is in our products’ DNA. It enables the charging power to be dynamically controlled from the grid to the EV, managing when charging takes place and the amount of power supplied. This means high, peak-demand hours can avoided, dramatically reducing electricity costs.

V2G - Vehicle-to-Grid - takes this one step further providing bi-directional energy flow between the EV and charging station. It has all the advantages of Smart Charging but also uses EV batteries as a virtual power plant, enabling EVs to store and discharge electricity. This allows renewable energy sources with output that can fluctuate, such as wind and solar power, to be fully utilized.

On the verge of breakthrough, V2G will revolutionize our approach to consuming and producing energy. It’s an exciting time for our industry and Heliox is working hard, together with its sister company PRE, to ensure Heliox products are V2G ready.

Heliox mobile chargers, a flexible solution

Heliox mobile chargers are designed with depots, service workshops or events in mind. Please take a look at our mobile products!

Heliox mobile DC chargers

Heliox Group has a strong focus on Corporate Social Responsibility. We care about the impact we have on our customers, our people and our environment.


Heliox recognizes and accepts its environmental duties.

Heliox Group produces many of its chargers for the charging infrastructure locally (local-for-local). Heliox has production facilities in the Netherlands, in Eastern Europe, and in the United States. This is not only an advantage in terms of logistics, it also reduces our environmental footprint.

Heliox was founded in 2009 with a vision to create a sustainable world for future generations. It contributes to reduced CO2 emissions by delivering turn key charging infrastructure projects for public transport and vehicles in the construction, mining and port industries. Our belief in a sustainable world is propelled by the emerging energy transition.

As a company, we  also would like to contribute to the environment by reducing our own carbon footprint. Our company cars are globally selected by their CO2 emission. Within The Netherlands we select cars by carbon dioxide emissions and energy label A or B. The majority of our company cars have a low CO2 emission.

Labour standards

Heliox Group recognizes and accepts its responsibilities for Health and Safety at Work. Heliox Group aims to be a socially responsible employer, providing fair and competitive remuneration and working conditions, both within our industry and in local markets

Human rights

Respect is placed at the heart of Heliox’s core values and Heliox has assigned a confidant who can be contacted in case human rights are violated with regards to respect, harassment and discrimination.

Heliox Group complies with (international) treaties regarding child labour and will do its utmost to prevent forced or compulsory labour in Heliox and Heliox’s suppliers’ activities.


Maximizing employees’ capabilities and strengths is critical for active innovation and corporate growth. Based on a team spirit, the Heliox Group promotes diversity by fostering a culture in which employees from diverse backgrounds can display their individual strengths to their full extent.

In 2020, Heliox is home to 20 different nationalities. About 10% of their workforce is female.

Quality policy

Our commitment to Quality is key to all our products and services we provide. It is the backbone to assuring our market position. Our quality assurance is visible and consistent throughout all company processes and activities at all levels, and is adopted in all new developments and relations.