Electric Trucks are not so more a thing of the future, Heliox products are charging a rapidly expanding fleet of trucks globally. Class 5 to Class 8 trucks can be charged up to 350kW and near future even 1MW.

Heliox realized right from the start, that we could offer solutions which would make it possible to create a charging infrastructure that would support e-trucks. Fleetowner or OEM, we’re looking forward to support you in your future steps of electrification.

E-truck market in EU and US 

From a market perspective, the E- truck market is rapidly expanding, in Europe, but the largest growth is expected in the US (a growth is forecasted to from1% in 2020  to 12% in 2030). 80% of freight in the US is transported less than 250 miles, and are designed to travel on predictable regional or last-mile routes that allow them to return to their depot for charging.

Close working relationships with OEM's and powertrain suppliers

 During the last years, we have forged close working relationships with the most renowned Truck OEM’s & powertrain suppliers around the globe. Heliox is member of the CharIN committee for High Power Charging Standard ( >1 MW truck charging) HPCCV TaskForce.

Creating valuable partnerships are part of our company DNA enabled us to anticipate together on requirements that are specific for the truck charging market. Building on top of the expertise gained by deploying large charging infrastructures for e-buses in Europa, has propelled the new products we already established in Europe and the US.

The main challenges fast charging infrastructure of e- trucks over e-buses provide, lay mainly in technological perspective.

Heliox E-truck portfolio

At Heliox, we’re serious about our statement: “we’re charging a next generation”. This includes smarter and more intelligent systems that provide next to charging a range of services to stabilize the grid. Please ask us about freshly launched V1G and V2G – products and if you would like to learn more about one of our recent e-truck projects click here.

If you would like to discuss how we could help you to electrify your e-truck fleet, please do not hesitate to contact our experts.