Electric Trucks are no longer a vision of the future; Heliox is charging a rapidly expanding fleet of trucks across the world. Class 5 to Class 8 trucks can be charged up to 350kW – growing to 1MW in the near future.

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E-truck market in EU and US 

The e- truck market is rapidly expanding in Europe, but the largest market growth is forecast in the US; expanding from 1% in 2020 to 12% in 2030. Transitioning to e-trucks is a logical step for the US transport industry; 80% of freight transported less than 250 miles on predictable regional or last-mile routes, so returning to the depot for charging is easy and efficient.

Working closely with OEM's and powertrain suppliers

Heliox works closely with the most renowned Truck OEM’s & powertrain suppliers around the globe and is a member of the CharIN committee for High Power Charging Standard ( >1 MW truck charging) HPCCV TaskForce.

E-truck portfolio

Heliox offers smart and intelligent systems that as well as charging your fleet, provide a range of services to stabilize the grid. The recently launched V1G and V2G products are set to revolutionize the industry and remove many of the challenges e-truck business face.

Read about our recent e-truck projects here and contact our experts to discuss how we can work with you for a smooth and efficient transition to e-trucks.