Flexible solution at depots, service workshops or events


Sometimes you need to charge your EV, but you do not have a fixed charging infrastructure solution at hand. You would like to be flexible in having the possibility to charge your EV anywhere. With Heliox mobile chargers, you have found a solution which adds security to keeping your EV fleet running like clockwork!

The portable DC chargers can charge vehicles with a voltage of up to 1000 volts (CCS; IEC 62196) and are targeted towards the needs of vehicle dealers, service workshops or can be used during events. EV's with higher demand batteries are a perfect fit for these products, like e-buses and medium - and heavy duty e-trucks.

Heliox mobile DC chargers provide you with the following benefits:

 FASTDC25kW mobile CE UL frontB

1. secure and safe : Heliox mobile chargers are an efficient and versatile DC fast charging solution. Heliox products are thoroughly tested and comply to all industry standards for security and safety, eg UL and CE certification. 

2. plug and play : The operation of the mobile charger is straight forward. Due to the ISO15118/DIN70121 communication, the user only has to plug the CCS plug into the vehicle and the charging process starts automatically. The chargers can draw their power from common and widespread industrial sockets CEE-Style 400Vac wall-socket (16A=10kW; 32A=20kW; 63A=25kW) and can charge EV's with the charging standards CCS Type 1 and 2.

3. flexible:FASTDC 50kW The compact and robust mobile solution on wheels creates ultimate mobility and protection. The extra long 8,2 to 16,4m CCS-cable enables further flexibility. 


Please have a look at the product leaflets and specifications of the FAST DC 25 kW  and  FAST DC 50 kW.

We look forward discussing the possibilities of mobile chargers for your situation!

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