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Display Power Supply

Whether your display technology is (O)LED, LCD or a Projection system, our R&D staff has developed a broad range of power supplies and drivers for these applications, including ultra­flat designs for screen sizes up to 85 inches. Also for integration of Class­D amplifiers for stereo or multichannel sound reproduction, Heliox offers both of the shelf and custom made products.

On-board power distribution

Heliox power supplies can of course deliver the power for any backlighting system, receiver boards, high quality audio system and standby/processor sections. We can integrate also the LCD backlighting drivers and audio amplifiers using our UCD high quality amplifiers (see Audio section). Also any other power system can be integrated to make your application as simple as possible.

Display power Supply

Heliox can design and deliver a wide variety of display power supplies This ranges from basic display power supplies (24V) to varieties with ultra­low standby currents, very high efficiency (up to 90%) and very low EMI radiation. Also power supplies with very high quality (life time > 20 years) and high lighting resistance can be designed and delivered. Topologies can be extended with Audio Power Supplies and Amplifiers, LED drivers and power output for motor steering. All integrated into one single board for simplified assembly of your application.

Our advantages

Heliox can offer you an integrated power solution for your display application rather than just a Power Supply. Optimizing for best performance of your valued Product, we can offer ultra low standby power, flat form factor design, excellent efficiency and high quality. Off course integration of LED drivers and audio amplifiers is possible as well.


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