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Whether you have a single vehicle or a fleet of a hundred, we provide the ideal charging solution for your strategy. With a reliable charging infrastructure, systems that reduce charging time by up to 67% and a full-service approach, we will keep your electric vehicles running smoothly and efficiently.

Delivering clean cities

We deliver a key instrument for running a fleet of electric buses: a reliable charging infrastructure. Our opportunity charging solutions keep lay-over times to a minimum. We also offer a range of CCS chargers for overnight charging at the depot so that your buses are back on the road, pre-conditioned, with batteries balanced and fully charged the next morning. With our reliable solutions, you can roll out your e-mobility strategy further and faster.

We at Heliox have the technology and the innovative know-how to create the best possible solution for your requirements and are happy to share our expertise in helping you to implement the perfect system for your needs.

Smart Fleet Charging

For operators of larger fleets of electric buses Heliox has developed a system for distributing power to vehicles as and when they need it. This smart and efficient system also reduces the grid connection costs. By incorporating software that monitors the status of every charging point in the network and the level of charge required by each bus, the system identifies the the optimal charging pattern. Our charging system is not only fast, efficient and robust, but also results in optimal connection costs significant reduction of periodic peak demand charges .

So if you are contemplating the transition to electric vehicles, we would love to discuss the way forward with you.

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