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OC 450kW

This opportunity charging system allows you to charge your buses at the turnaround point on their route. The Power Curve Technology results in ultra-short charging times and allows your buses to run all day.


  • Ultra-fast charging
  • No disruption to schedule thanks to short charging sessions
  • Significant increase in passenger capacity
  • Fully scalable system


Environment operating



-20 to 50 °C (optional to -30 °C)

Charging standard

IEC61851-1/23/24 / DIN 70121 / ISO15118

Compliance and safety

CE / EN 55011 / IEC61000-6-2

Output DC voltage range

460 - 800 V

Rated DC output power

450 kW

Rated DC output current

900 A, bidirectional

Input connections

3P + PE (2x 3X240 + 1G240)

Input power rating;

full load / idle

490 kVA / 50 VA

Input AC line-line voltage range

0,4 to 24 kV

Input AC phase current; maximum / fused

707 / 800 A, inrush current limited

Power factor, THD

> 0.99, < 5%

Power conversion efficiency

> 96%

Dielectric withstand

3000 V RMS

Network connection 

GPRS / 3G modem / OCPP / OSCP


IP54 / IK10

Operational noise level

<55 dB(A) @ 2 m

System weight

4000 kg

Product sheet 450kW

Product sheet 450kW UL


UL or CE CE E-Bus / E-Truck E-Bus Charging solution Opportunity
DC output power 450 DC coupled battery storage No


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