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Employees talk AbhishekAs International Field Service Engineer, I truly believe I have one of the best jobs at Heliox. It means I have direct contact with clients, providing both remote support but also working with them on location, carrying out installations, tests, maintenance and repairs. I get to work with our products and see them up and running as well as playing an important part in maintaining good client relationships. Field Service Engineers are ambassadors for Heliox which means that alongside technical expertise, we also need to be communicators.

I grew up in Mumbai, India before moving to Europe six years ago to study electrical power engineering in Berlin. After graduating, I worked in Prague before joining Heliox in Eindhoven. My background has given me a solid base but working for Heliox means I’ve had the opportunity to learn more about e-mobility and electrical chargers than I could ever have imagined. There is a wealth of combined knowledge and expertise at the company. Heliox encourages diversity and inclusion and it has a clear mission which I can relate to. Knowing that our products and the service we offer have a positive impact is important to me. It’s what motivates me and it’s what drives us at Heliox.

 I’m on the road a lot of the time, but I have full support from my team at Heliox. It’s what I really like about working here; I have freedom to use my expertise and troubleshooting skills but I never feel disconnected from colleagues, even when I’m in a bus depot in a remote part of the country. I’m always free to share ideas with colleagues and we work together to find solutions. We keep going until it’s right. That’s our strength.