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  Employees talk GiannaWe have a large team of hardware development engineers at Heliox and although we don’t all work on the same projects, we work together, bouncing ideas off each other. To cooperate successfully you have to be able to listen to each other and be willing to help each other, working together towards a common goal.  I think that is probably what makes cooperation easy at Heliox. The communication lines are short and everyone believes in our vision of a cleaner, sustainable future.

That is what attracted me when I joined Heliox a year ago. I was looking for new challenges and there was a perfect fit with my background in power electronics and sustainable energy. Originally from Greece, I graduated from Eindhoven University and I stayed living in the city – it’s ambitious in driving technology and innovation and it’s incredibly diverse. The developments in the region - and at Heliox – make it an exciting place to be.

As hardware development engineer, I’m involved throughout the entire product development process, from concept generation and project specification with sales colleagues, through to compliance checks and testing. Both working autonomously and as part of a team, driving developments forward and seeing the project progress gives me enormous satisfaction. Heliox is a learning organization where I can further develop my expertise. There are opportunities to learn and grow - everyone learns from each other and there’s always room to be more involved in a project.